Closed our pre-seed led by Antler

Connect Cyber Risks To Financial Impact

Automate cyber risk management for Decentralised Applications with Chain Risk Cloud and virtual SOC.

Closed our pre-seed led by Antler

Connect Cyber Risks To Financial Impact

Automate cyber risk management for Decentralised Applications with Chain Risk Cloud and virtual SOC.

Backed by the best in the blockchain industry


The current state of web3 security is broken

Deep research and introspection into the current Web3 security space led us to conclude that security in Web3 is still very underdeveloped and has the following challenges -

Broken Security Hierarchy

Reactive Nature of Web3 security solutions

None translate Cyber Risk into Financial Impact

Introducing Chain Risk Cloud

Integrate, automate, quantify and scale your cyber risk program - all from one unified platform.

Aggregate across people, process & technology :

  • 3M+ signals per customer/day
  • 50+ API Integrations
  • Threat Intel feeds
  • User data.

Get real-time, data-driven visibility of your protocol’s risk posture.

Get instant visibility to your protocol’s riskiest business units with risk scenarios.

what we do

Aided by our highly experienced team of cyber experts

Used by a wide spectrum of blockchain companies

Whom we serve

Our team of seasoned security and risk engineers specialize in handling DeFi and connected sectors in Web3.

Liquidity Staking

We assess your protocol across 100+ risk parameters covering all on-chain and off-chain threats, thus giving you a comprehensive view into your risk posture.


We assess your protocol across liquidity risks, cross protocol interaction risks, flash loan manipulations, oracle manipulations etc to ensure the iron wall for user’s funds.


We assess zero day risks in cross-chain protocols, bridging infrastructures, bridging transactions, multi-chain bridging etc to ensure that their user funds are safe.


We assess your DEX across security risks, liquidity risks, front running risks and several complex manipulation scenarios to optimise and minimise risks of your exchange.

What Industry experts say about Chainrisk

"At Chainrisk, these folks are actually going far beyond audits. Its high time we need to assess the entire cyber risk of a protocol to prevent zero days. Chainrisk Cloud does exactly that."

Samrat Gupta

Security Reasearcher, C4Arena

" As a fellow security founder, I am really excited in what’s happening at Chainrisk. Sudipan and Arka are really aiming to build the value layer of security. "

Tamaghna Basu

Founder & CEO, Detasecure

" We had taken Chainrisk’s solution to assess the risk posture of our decentralised asset management platform. They did a very extensive review and helped us mitigate all major cyber risks of our protocol.  "

Pratik Arora

Product, Kunji Finance

" Web3 security needs a highly proactive approach towards security. Past few years have seen several complex security attacks in DeFi. Chainrisk Cloud is a go-to solution for complete risk assessment. "

Adesh Kolte

Independent Security Researcher

" Payant is a payment protocol built on top of rain-protocol. Given the complexity of our project, we chose chainrisk to assess the cyber risks of our protocol. They came up with detailed reports. Excellent experience working with them ! "

Emily Rose

Co-Founder, Payant Protocol

" Our experience with Chainrisk Web3 Security was exceptional. Their cyber-risk assessment of our project Zenith (perpetuals platform on tezos blockchain) was thorough and insightful, contributing significantly to our project's security. Highly recommended!  "

Sanket Nighot

Founder, Payper Finance

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