Automate, Optimize and Scale Your Cyber Risk Management Program.

Chainrisk Cloud®’s Cyber Risk Solution links cyber threats to business impact, so you can add context to any decision, prioritize remediation, and report what matters most to your key stakeholders.

Automate Cyber Risk Management

Web3 is a rapidly evolving landscape, and so are the cyber threats that target it. To stay one step ahead, you need a robust cyber risk management strategy that can scale and adapt to change.One way to achieve this is through automation. By automating repetitive tasks, you can free up your team to focus on more strategic initiatives. You can also improve visibility and collaboration by integrating your cyber risk management platform with the tools your team already uses.

Build a Centralized View of Assets, Risks, and Cyber Controls

The Chainrisk Cloud Controls Repository can help Web3 enterprises to manage their cybersecurity risks by providing a single source of truth for assessing gaps and redundant requirements across 20+ control frameworks and regulations. This can help enterprises  improve their overall cybersecurity posture.

Prioritize Risk Mitigation With Near Real-Time Insights

Chainrisk Cloud’s Cyber Risk Management Applications integrate with various web3 analytics tools to help you identify assets at risk and prioritize your response. Quickly uncover ineffective or broken controls and take action to reduce risk exposure.

Add Business Context to Risk Decisions

Deepen stakeholder understanding and engagement with reports and dashboards aligned to their top priorities. Chainrisk Cloud combines qualitative and quantitative cybersecurity risk insights from every business unit, so you can share findings and prioritize response across your entire organization.

Translate Cyber Risk Into Financial Impact

Chainrisk Cloud Quantifier® enhances traditional quantification techniques with Monte Carlo simulations and supports the Open FAIR™ Model. Translate the business impact of cyber risk into financial terms to easily communicate the benefits of your program with insights from a single, integrated cyber risk management platform.

Meet Your Cyber Risk Management Toolbox

Our Cyber Risk Solution includes everything you need to manage cyber risk at scale

Chainrisk Cloud®

Connect assets, risks, and controls, then automate your cyber risk management program.

Virtual SOC

Chainrisk’s Virtual Security Operations Center helps protocol detect and repond to cyber threats around the clock.

Controls Compliance Application

Centralize and automate control evaluations, evidence collection, and reporting across your protocol.

Client Success, Support & Training

Get the licenses, implementation services, and training you need to mature your cyber risk management program.