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Chainrisk & Fuel Network Partnership Announcement

Chainrisk is thrilled to announce its partnership with Fuel Network, marking a significant step in advancing DeFi economic security. This collaboration aims to integrate the Fuel community into Chainrisk's comprehensive economic risk simulation. By combining efforts, Chainrisk & Fuel Network will enable robust agent-based simulations & stress testing for protocols built on FuelVM. This partnership underscores a commitment to transparency, enhanced risk coverage, & the continuous evolution of blockchain technology.

Objectives & Scope of the Collaboration

The collaboration between Chainrisk & Fuel Network is focused on creating a robust framework for economic security within the DeFi ecosystem. The primary objective is to integrate Fuel Network into Chainrisk's cutting-edge risk simulation platform. This integration aims to enhance the overall security & reliability of protocols built on FuelVM.

This will enable protocol engineers to test & optimize their mechanism designs in a controlled, sandboxed environment. Additionally, the partnership will enhance risk coverage by providing comprehensive risk analysis for all protocols on Fuel Network, ensuring their resilience against adverse market conditions & security threats.

By making simulation results & risk assessments publicly available, the partnership aims to foster trust & accountability within the DeFi community. This initiative will also drive innovation by supporting bespoke protocol research & development, providing tools & insights that help designers innovate safely.

Engaging the Fuel Network community is crucial for continuous improvement. Their feedback & insights will be actively incorporated into the simulation & testing process. To support this, detailed documentation & educational resources will be prepared, helping developers & the broader community understand & utilize the simulation platform effectively.

Stress Testing & Simulations

Stress testing & simulations are vital to the Chainrisk & Fuel Network collaboration. The goal is to create a dynamic, agent-based scenario simulation engine that models & predicts the behavior of various protocols under different market conditions. This approach utilizes agent-based models to simulate interactions within the DeFi ecosystem, offering a granular understanding of protocol behavior in response to market events.

Scenario-based testing will develop a range of market scenarios, from typical to extreme conditions, to test protocol resilience. This helps identify potential vulnerabilities & areas for improvement. In addition, extensive Monte-Carlo simulations will generate a wide array of possible outcomes, aiding in understanding the range of potential risks & optimizing incentive structures.

The integration of a built-in analytics dashboard will provide real-time insights & comprehensive data analysis, helping protocol engineers monitor & interpret simulation results effectively. A block explorer will also be included to track & visualize transactions & states within the simulation environment, enhancing transparency & usability.


By integrating the Fuel community into Chainrisk's risk simulation platform, this collaboration aims to enhance the security, reliability, & transparency of protocols built on FuelVM. Moving forward, the focus will be on continuous improvement & community engagement. Detailed documentation & educational resources will further support developers & the broader community, fostering a deeper understanding of the simulation process & its benefits. This collaborative effort is set to drive innovation & enhance the overall resilience of the DeFi ecosystem.

About Fuel Network

Fuel Network is a pioneering Rollup OS designed for Ethereum, aiming to expand Ethereum's capabilities without compromising on security or decentralization. It addresses key challenges in the blockchain space, such as parallelisation, state minimised execution, & interoperability, through its advanced FuelVM. By providing a scalable & efficient platform, Fuel Network enables developers to build robust & innovative protocols that leverage the strengths of Ethereum.

About Chainrisk

Chainrisk is a comprehensive risk management platform focused on the DeFi sector. It aims to identify & mitigate economic risks associated with DeFi protocols. Chainrisk provides a suite of tools & services designed to stress test DeFi protocols under various market conditions, using agent-based & scenario-based simulations. This helps uncover potential economic exploits & vulnerabilities within these systems before they can be exploited maliciously.

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